Scented Hearts

During the Winter season I love the scented smell coming out of the wardrobe as soon as I open its doors ...... 
Usually I buy ready made scented packets but then I decided to make something myself .....


For the pattern, I searched for a simple heart diagram on the internet.  From different scraps of fabric I had at home I ended up with these little hearts.....


They are very easy to make as they are sewn on the right side of the fabric...... so no need to turn the fabric around!  
The button was then sewn to the matching ribbon and carefully sewn to the already sewn heart.  
It can also be glued in place, if you like.


I bought Rose essential oil for the fragrance.  I top them up when I feel the fragrance is missing!


Hope you like them and try to make some too!

"Keep love in your hearts"

Until next time ...... take care!


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