Beautiful Germany

Just returned from a beautiful holiday in the Black Forest, Germany. Mainau Island is really amazing with all the beautiful butterflies flying around.

The greenery, tall trees all around.

Hope I will return! 

Tilda Monkey

I fell in love with this monkey as soon as I saw her.  She is so cute!  I have made 3 more, since I made this little cheeky one. All from different fabrics.  One was a present for my sister, on her birthday. Everyone loves her around the house. Hope you like her too!!

Tilda Monkey

By the sea

Spending an evening by the sea is becoming in style for my family.  Less people on the beach, more space and disconnecting from the world. 

 A long drive, for us, but worth it all along. 

 The sound of the sea is so relaxing.

 And on the other side .......... the view of the castle, It-Torri l-Ahmar (Red Tower) build around 1647!
From my pincushion

Nature is so inspiring ........... she just gives me more inspirations for my new projects.  

Talk to you soon!