Mother Christmas felt doll decoration 🎄🎅

I am already into the Christmas Season ........ my favourite time of the year. Every year I try to add something new to my Christmas collection.  Either a cushion, a card or a decoration. Last year I made this tiny Mother Christmas as a Christmas Tree decoration. 

Mother Christmas felt decoration

She is so tiny; only 12 cm long.  

I will keep posting my handmade ideas .......... so please stay tuned.  
Until than .... take care! xx

My first felt doll

 The very first felt doll I made was this tiny Indian girl from a Gingermelon pattern. 
It was the first time I used felt to make dolls.

She is only 12cms long.

Since it was a first try, I made it from the felt I had at home.

Indian felt doll

Now I would like to make a little Christmas angel, based on this same pattern. 
By the way I am a Christmas lover and will soon be posting some of my Christmas handmade items. TC xox

Granny's Squares

Autumn is a cosy season.  The weather  in the evening is becoming a bit cooler over here.  So it is time to continue the granny's square blanket stated last winter.

 These small squares are easy to make. I found the basic pattern on anabeliahandmade. It is a nice blog which I found by coincidence.

Granny's Squares

Some times we have those few minutes which can be better filled then watching the internet. So, while waiting to pick up my children from their evening lessons, I fill this time with crochet.


  I plan which colours I will be using in order to take along few things with me.  

Still a long way to go  ..... but someday it will be ready. 

Hope you like it!