On the natural side ......

Lately I have been looking into the natural aspects of life.

I have been reading a lot on essential oils,
natural herbs and natural remedies.
Some of them were even in our own gardens.
I always used dried once bought from the market
but now
I am trying to make them my self.

My first experiment is with 
It is widely used also as a natural remedy
as it has antibacterial properties 
other than culinary.

I collected quite a bunch of sage.

Sorted them out in small bunches. 
I got quite a few.

 And let them to dry naturally.

Hopefully they will not take long to dry.

Will be posting the out come.......

Until we meet again.... tc xxx

Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture

We have been there!

It was really a nice experience,
Our little nation, perhaps one on the smallest in the world,
And it holds such a great history and culture!

Here are some photos of the event:

Castille Square

San Gorg Square

Castille Square

San Gorg Square

Triton Square

Until we meet again ..... tc xxx

Wedding ring bearer's pillow

My first post for this new year is dedicated to love.....

a ring bearer's pillow

with bells
announcing joy and happiness 

a combination of three cross stitch patterns: bells, boarder and alphabet

worked on 14 count Aida ...... using silver and white DMC thread

a white silk ribbon attached to the bells to hold the rings

I wish you all a joyous and happy new year!

Until we meet again ..... tc xox