Summer Holidays

Finally school is over and the summer holidays are in.  I love summer although it is quite hot on this Island.  During the summer holidays I try to organize my kids' days: some extra work, reading is a must, and most of all creative time.  I came across this lovely summer rules and they liked it.  It just started yesterday and hope we will get to the end of summer with it!

Since creative activities are a must for today the first crafts are on the way: Monster Corner Bookmarks and Snow White felt doll. My inspirations come from my Pinterest collection AlisonAnn Creative Corner:

The first one is Snow White:

These monsters are already on the reading book!

Hope you like they and try them too. :)

Tiny Monsters

Those tiny, little monsters are always getting around the house.

Usually I like to make dolls but sometimes a request from my little one pops in and after searching all over the internet, I try to find something for him too.

 Now I have a request for a space ship!  As as I was told ....... these little aliens need to get back to their planet!......

I`m still figuring out how to do it .......


I love these beautiful cactus flowers,they grow with the little attention possible. 

 Just the right flowers for me!

Citta Vittoriosa

Some times school projects get you around your country to discover very beautiful places.  Let me present you Citta Vittoriosa, one of the three cities in the south of Malta. 

The Gardjola is a beautiful icon for the St Angelo Fortress.

We could not miss the beautiful church of St Lawrence.

Its' narrow streets and old houses are still there telling a lot of stories from the past.

Shopping Bag

Shopping time with a hand made bag.  I love going around in hand made items as they are very original and unique. 

Even a small pocket on the inside for your mobile.

Dolls House

A house that you can carry along and play with.  Let's have some tea together :)

Doll's House

The doll's house pattern is by a very talented lady: charlaanne but with some changes from my end.

The doll was my creation and it turn very lovely too.