Christmas cushion

My very old past time, which never left me over the years: cross stitch.  It takes quite some time to finish a project as happen with my Advent calendar.  It took me so many years to finish it that when it was ready I decided to make a cushion instead.  

Christmas Cross Stitch cushion

It is already there, the first Christmas decoration in my home, or .......................  it never left its place. Feeling Christmas time all year long!

Winnie the Pooh is so adorable and how could I not include him in Christmas time!  I love his simplicity and kind heart.

Eyore is happy here!

Tigger ready for a bounce!

And surprise for Pooh from his all time friend Piglet!

May your days be filled with happy moments and may you find true friends for ever.

Will be posting other cross stitch items soon, so please stay tuned.
Until then .... take care! xx


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